Pure power of plants
abundantly available 

The vertical farm company for the
best taste experience & the highest nutritional value 

We believe in changing the game towards a positive & better food world 

Great taste is lost

Over the last 50 years human kind focused on production efficiency only. Using pesticides to drive volume & profit.  

High vulnerability

Vegetables travel many kilometers to our plate. This makes the supply chain uncertain, fragile and creates waste.

Not sustainable

Human kind is depleting the world resources. With water and land / soil usage being one of the most crucial subjects. 

Our mission is to produce new taste experiences and the most nutritious greens in the world.

We make our brands & products as delicious as they are uniquely nutritious. This means that we use only the highest-quality ingredients in our products and make sure that they’re free of pesticides.

We produce locally together with local partners to maximize availability.

Our products are always produced locally with great care, and vertically. We work with partners (retail, foodservice, wholesale globally) who have a long-term commitment to quality. Our production software guarantees a very high predictability, a longer shelf life and is independent of weather conditions (or any other influence).

Favory crops are grown in the most sustainable way.

We use significantly less water, the number of seeds that germinate is significantly higher, we have a bare minimum of waste materials and we use a minimum of land.


A unique mix of ingredients 

We combine an unique data model and AI machine learning with deep consumer understanding. We operate our farms focused on maximum efficiency. Our automated vertical farm technology is adaptable to the latest developments in the market and the knowledge of our network partners. We are proud of our network that builds on many generations of deep agronomy knowledge. 

Our Favory story

After working in large corporations in traditional jobs and focusing on profit only, we wanted to do something more meaningful. It is time for a different approach. Time for positive change.

Our passion lies with food, technology and harnessing the power of data. We combine our experience in retail, e-commerce, operations, IT and greenhouses. We work in vertical farming for more than 5 years.

Harald & Dax 

“The challenges we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Our Favory Team

Our team is build out of complementary competences and skills. 

Dax Denneboom

Co-founder & CEO

Harald van Santen

Co-founder & COO

Carmen Ozuna

Plant Specialist (PhD) 

Akash Methews

Software Development

Oskar Person

 A.I. Engineer

Molly Stanek

Advisor (ex-Plenty)

Janneke Grit

Advisor (HAS Agrischool)

You ? 

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